Ruffntuff Terriers is based nr Reading
presented by Angie & Sue.
We are registered ,specialist  breeders of
Parson Russell Terriers
Also Licenced Boarding Kennels of all breeds
Tel   0118  9431500
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About Us
I (Angie) have been in dogs all my life. I owned my very first jack russell in the 70s.It was great to have my first jr that belonged to me and not the family.thats where this really took off .Later i began to take them to terrier shows and terrier racing and started breeding and was hooked.I still have the same lines today and can go back generations.The Parsons were reconised with the Kennel Club and I then started showing at the K.C championship shows and still do to this day.
We Qualify the dogs to go Crufts every year .Which we are very proud of.Our Parsons go back to the west country lines to where the Rev John Russell use to hunt with his dogs and we try to keep to the old type original Parson.
Sue became involved in 1995 and has been here ever since.
We are Registered Licenced breeders so are kept under the watchfully eye of the local council and are RSPCA inspected . We are also Kennel Club Accredited Breeders.
The aim in our breeding is to breed to type and hold on to good temperments and make them a pleasure for people to have in there family homes.We like to think that we give a good service to all our puppy owners and help with any concerns all through the dogs life.We do all we can to make sure the puppy and the new owners have all the infomation they need to help them settle into thier new life.
The best thing of all is WE LOVE OUR DOGS .

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